Focus Session: Containers for Acceleration and Accessibility in HPC and Cloud Ecosystems
Event TypeFocus Session
TimeMonday, June 17th4pm - 5pm CEST
LocationPanorama 3
Applications portability, scientific reproducibility and users productivity are among key challenges facing scientific communities on rapidly evolving hardware and software ecosystems, especially for workflows utilising distributed IT infrastructure encompassing public and private cloud deployments and supercomputing centres. Container technologies have demonstrated not only a widespread adoption among data science communities in cloud environments but also unique problem-solving opportunities for performance-sensitive, scalable applications in modelling and simulation domains on supercomputing platforms. This session brings together experts to share insights on transitioning to container technologies, and to forecast opportunities and challenges for a federated IT environment comprising HPC and cloud infrastructure elements.
4:00pm - 4:30pm CESTHigh-Performance Data-Intensive Science: Clouds, Containers, Workflows, and the Data Lifecycle
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Containerized HPC
Exascale Systems
HPC workflows
4:30pm - 5:00pm CESTIntroducing Container Technology to TSUBAME3.0 Supercomputer
Containerized HPC
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
System Software & Runtime Systems