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Dr Toni Collis is the Chair and co-Founder of Women in High PerforChief Business Development Officer at Appentra S.L. in addition to being the Director of Collis-Holmes Innovations and Chair of Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC). Toni is a strategic manager as well as an experienced lecturer and trainer. Toni has a strong track record in teaching to Undergraduate and Masters program students and also to academics and industry professionals wishing to develop their skills in High Performance Computing and she is passionate in enabling a broader range of people to make effective and efficient use of HPC facilities to help further their research. The focus of her work has been on enabling those without detailed training in computer science and HPC to still use supercomputers. As Chair and Co-Founder of WHPC Toni also developed and led training aiming to diversity the HPC workforce by providing HPC tutorials for women academics and students in Europe.