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Carlos Osuna Escamilla
Carlos Osuna is a scientific software developer at Meteoswiss, Zurich.
He received his PhD in experimental high energy physics in 2003.
Since 2011 he has been involved in research projects at ETH Zurich and Meteoswiss to adapt
the regional and climate simulation model COSMO to graphical processing units (GPUs), which led
to the adoption at Meteoswiss of a new GPU based supercomputing system that runs COSMO operationally
with greater efficiency and reduced energy consumption compared to traditional CPUs.

Since then he has been exploring domain specific languages (DSLs) as a solution to
performance portability of weather models for multiple architectures such as GPUs and XeonPhi.
Currenty he is involved in efforts to extend these DSLs solutions to a wider range of weather
models, like global models on irregular grids, and the developments of new generation of high-level DSL languages and compiler toolchains.
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