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Adrien Viaud, Senior Technology Manager in the Kingston Technical Resources Group. Since joining Technical Support in 2005 and transferring to R&D department in 2008, Adrien has gained a lot of experience in Kingston EMEA as a Field Application Engineer, quickly finding himself a strong position within server memory topics and building alliances with Intel and AMD for the EMEA market. His existing work within the DC business is noticed at many levels, including the continued support and work with companies such as OVH, 2CRSI, Peer1, and others.
His role as a Senior Technology Manager offers a unique opportunity to allow further growth and specialisation into Datacenter and Enterprise market from a technical standpoint, the role bringing focused capabilities to tackle the complex requirements, expectations and technical mastery necessary to win those opportunities and customers on our side. “
He is responsible for storage and memory technology support and expertise for the Data Center & enterprise market.
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