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Dr. Weicheng Huang is currently a research fellow at National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) which is the only national supercomputing center in Taiwan.

Over the years, he has involved and lead several frontier research adventures and infrastructure projects of the center. His professional background was in numerical simulation/parallel processing, and has evolved over the years from Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and recently the AI.

He is great contributor in the development of HPC of Taiwan. He built the very first 64-bit cluster, first supercomputer with computer power exceeded 1TF, followed by the first supercomputer that exceeded 100 TF in Rmax for the country. In the past few years, he has devoted his efforts in help building up the software capabilities of the NCHC.

Most recently, he is the project PI of National Data Marketplace which aims at provide national data service to the country and international partners. A international data cloud is currently under development with international collaborative partners.

Due to the goal of the center, his work will move further into the AIoT area for years to come.
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