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I am a Research Software Engineer (RSE) based at the Oxford e-Research Centre in the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University. I specialise in the development, optimisation and maintenance of scientific programs on HPC platforms including both CPUs and accelerators. My goal is to support researchers across scientific disciplines to improve the quality, reproducibility and scope of their research. I’m part of a growing RSE community and was a diversity and workshops chair at the 2018 conference of Research Software Engineers in the UK.

I am a primary developer for QuEST, an open source high performance C library for the classical simulation of quantum computers on CPU and GPU. I also am involved in profiling and optimisation of GS2, an open source Fortran code for the simulation of turbulence in plasma, as well as profiling and optimisation of prototype algorithms for the Science Data Processor, a component of the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope.
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