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Ana Lucia Varbanescu is a tenured Associate Professor at University of
Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She holds a BSc and MSc degree from
POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, Romania. She obtained her PhD from
TUDelft, The Netherlands, and continued to work as a PostDoc researcher
in The Netherlands, at TUDelft and VU Unviersity in Amsterdam. Since
2013, she is faculty in the Systems and Networks Engineering lab of
University of Amsterdam. She has been a visiting researcher at IBM TJ
Watson (2006, 2007), Barcelona Supercomputing Center (2007), NVIDIA
(2009), and Imperial College of London (2013). She is the recipient of
two personal grants (national level) from NWO and STW, and was the PI
for UvA's contribution in the EXTRA H2020 project. Her research stems
from HPC, and investigates the use of multi- and many-core architectures
for HPC, with a special focus on performance prediction for both various
applications, and performance portability for various programming models.
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