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Ryan is a principal member of technical staff in the Center for Computing Research at Sandia National Laboratories. His research focuses on high performance networking and power management for Extreme scale systems. He is an active member of the Portals Networking Interface specification team, working on next generation high performance interconnects, including BXI, the Bull-Atos high performance Portals-based interconnect hardware. He serves on the MPI specifications body (MPI Forum), and is responsible for the Portals 4 reference implementation, Sandia-OpenSHMEM and portals related elements of Open MPI. Ryan has contributed to the Power API developed at Sandia National Labs and has published several papers on the topic of power/energy management techniques on large-scale HPC systems. He graduated with a PhD in Computer Engineering in 2012 from Queen’s University, Canada, where he was an Alexander Graham Bell National Research Scholar.
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