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Valerio Rizzo
Dr. Valerio Rizzo currently works as AI solution architect for Lenovo, he is a key member of an expert team of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning specialists and works with the EMEA field sales organization and its business development team for helping Lenovo EMEA customers and network of partners to leverage or integrate AI, ML and DL technologies in their specific fields.

Dr. Rizzo is a recognized expert in the fields of neuroscience and neurophysiology with 10 years of track record in brain research made between Italy and USA. He still holds a position of Lecturer and freelance researcher at Universita´degli Studi di Palermo, Department of Biomedicine and Clinic Neuroscience.

Prior to Lenovo, Dr. Rizzo worked at The Scripps Research Institute as Associate Researcher from 2011 to 2014.

Dr. Rizzo is also a photogrammetry expert with a major focus on medical use cases and Virtual Reality for Media&Entertainment industry as well as for electrophysiological and behavioral neuroscience research.

His main interest is to explore the potential of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, VR and AR for neuroscience research and as augmented tools for clinical applications.

Dr. Rizzo holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Behavior Disorders from Universita´degli Studi di Palermo, Italy, he lived in Italy and USA and he is currently based in Berlin, Germany.
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