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Curtis Anderson
Curtis Anderson is a senior storage professional with more than 34 years of experience in a wide variety of storage and I/O software, mostly focusing on filesystem implementations.

Anderson was one of the original five authors of the XFS filesystem now in wide use in Linux, and worked on the Veritas VxFS filesystem before Veritas existed. He also worked on Logical Volume Managers and RAID implementations, disk and tape drivers, and tape robotics, as well as NFS and SMB/CIFS gateways, and the networking drivers and switches below them. He participated in the IEEE for 14 years, including as the Sponsor Chair for the IEEE 1244 Working Group, balloting and publishing a formal standard for the multi-host sharing of tape drives and tape robotics in a SAN. Anderson also served on the Program Committee for the IEEE/NASA Goddard Mass Storage Systems Conference for 12 years, and on the Industrial Advisory Board for the Computer Science Department for Cal Poly for three years.

In his role as Software Architect at Panasas, Anderson is responsible for coordinating technology teams working on the various elements that make up the Panasas parallel storage filesystem. Prior to joining Panasas, Anderson served as a Technical Director at NetApp and was an Architect at EMC/Data Domain.

Anderson holds 10 patents in the areas of continuous data protection, replication of de-deduplicated file data over a network, forensics collection after storage system failures, and network replication of filesystem transaction logs. He received his degree in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo.