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Andrew T. Clarke
A second year PhD student at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics at the University of Leeds.

My research interests are parallel computing, algorithms, numerical methods and geophysical fluid dynamics. My work is mostly based on Python and libraries such as mpi4py and Scipy, I also have experience in C, matlab, Java, and Fortran. This includes parallelisation using both MPI and OpenMP. and using tools such as Cython and F2PY to use compiled code for intensive computational tasks in python. Successfully written parallelised code which I have run on up to 1600 processors.

I have presented my work on a number of occasions, including the 7th International workshop on Parallel-in-time (PINT) Integration in Roscoff, France, where I won a €500 prize for best student talk.
My funding awards include £6000.00 (11,145 kAU) of computation time on the Cray XC30 ARCHER supercomputing facility, Edinburgh, UK, and £870 from Jülich Supercomputing Centre to attend the PINT workshop.
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