The First Annual Workshop for HPC PowerStack
Event Type
Energy Consumption
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Performance Tools
System Software & Runtime Systems
TimeThursday, June 20th9am - 6pm
LocationGold 2
DescriptionWhile there exist several standalone efforts that attempt to tackle exascale power challenges, the majority of the implemented techniques have been designed to meet site-specific needs or optimization goals. Specifications such as PowerAPI and Redfish provide high-level power management interfaces for accessing power knobs. However, these stop short of defining which software components should actually be involved, and how should they interoperate with each other in a cohesive and coordinated stack. We believe coordination is critical for avoiding underutilization of system Watts and FLOPS.

This interactive workshop brings together vendors, labs, and academic researchers to discuss an emerging community effort to develop a software stack for system-wide power optimization. The HPC PowerStack effort is the first to identify what power optimization software actors are needed; how they interoperate to achieve stable, synchronized optimization; and how to glue together existing open source projects to engineer a cost-effective but cohesive, cross-platform power stack implementation.
Workshop Organizers
Full Professor, Chair, Member of Board of Directors, Adjunct Professor
HPC Research Scientist, Conference Subcommittee Co-lead