3rd Workshop on HPC Computing in a Post Moore’s Law World (HCPM) 2019
Workshop Organizer
Event Type
Computer Architecture
Heterogeneous Systems
Post Moore’s Law Computing
Programming Models & Languages
Quantum Computing
TimeThursday, June 20th9am - 1pm CEST
LocationAlabaster 1
DescriptionThe emerging end of traditional MOSFET scaling has sparked a significant amount of research to preserve performance scaling of digital computing including drastically novel computational models. This workshop brings together leaders from different areas of this grand research thrust to educate the ISC community of current progress, future and immediate challenges, as well as the state of their research in the next 20 years. This year we invited speakers from key projects and institutions, representing thrusts from major funding agencies and countries. The subject space includes computational models, emerging technologies, as well as the programming and algorithmic impact. The workshop will feature a series of talks with ample time of discussion, as well as dedicated time at the end for a constructive discussion following the information that the invited speakers shared. The end goal of this workshop is to share our ideas about how HPC will look like in the next few decades, and how to adjust or affect upcoming changes.