Third HPC Applications in Precision Medicine
Event Type
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Exascale Systems
Molecular Research
Personalized Medicine
TimeThursday, June 20th9am - 6pm CEST
DescriptionHigh-performance computing has become central to the future success of precision medicine. Catalyzed by the dramatic increase in the volume of research and clinical data available through sequencing and advanced imaging techniques, clinical data available through medical records and mobile health devices, research data from automated platforms, combined with molecular simulations and the rapid adoption of deep learning approaches has created a convergence shaping the frontiers of computing and precision medicine. New approaches to drug discovery, data sharing, aggregation and safeguards, use of machine learning models in research and clinical contexts has identified new challenges and opportunities in these rapidly evolving frontiers. The Third HPC Applications in Precision Medicine workshop aims to bring together the computational and life sciences communities to share experiences, examine current challenges, and discuss future opportunities for shaping the future for HPC applications in precision medicine.