Numerical Reproducibility at Exascale 2019
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Computer Architecture
HPC Accelerators
Math Library Design
TimeThursday, June 20th2pm - 6pm CEST
DescriptionReproducibility is an important concern in all areas of computation. As such, computational and numerical reproducibility is receiving increasing interest from a variety of parties who are concerned with different aspects of computational reproducibility. Numerical reproducibility encompasses several concerns including the sharing of code and data, as well as reproducible numerical results which may depend on operating systems, tools, levels of parallelism, and numerical effects. In addition, the publication of reproducible computational results motivates a host of computational reproducibility concerns that arise from the fundamental notion of reproducibility of scientific results that has normally been restricted to experimental science.

The workshop is meant to address the scope of the problems of computational reproducibility in HPC in general, and those anticipated as we scale up to Exascale machines in the next decade. The participants of this workshop will include government, academic, and industry stakeholders; the goals of this workshop are to understand the current state of the problems that arise, what work is being done to deal with this issues, and what the community thinks the possible approaches to these problem are.
Workshop Organizers
Research Scientist