HPC I/O in the Data Center
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File Systems
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Performance Tools
Storage Technologies
TimeThursday, June 20th9am - 6pm CEST
DescriptionManaging scientific data at large scale is challenging for scientists but also for the host data center.
To effectively manage the data load within a data center, I/O experts must understand how users expect to use these new storage technologies and what services they should provide in order to enhance user productivity. We seek to ensure a systems-level perspective is included in these discussions.

The HPC-IODC workshop is a forum to present and discuss work that addresses the storage challenge from a unique perspective, moving the focus from the application-centric perspective to the perspective of data centers and operators.
In the workshop, we bring together I/O experts from data centers and application workflows to share current practices for scientific workflows, issues, and obstacles for both hardware and the software stack, and R&D to overcome these issues.
We accepted research papers that are state-of-the-practice or research-oriented but specifically focused on I/O in the datacenter.
The sessions are jointly organized with the Workshop on Performance and Scalability of Storage Systems (WOPSSS) hosting performance-oriented research papers.
Detailed information is provided on the web page.