First International Workshop on Legacy Software Refactoring for Performance (REFAC'19)
Event Type
Parallel Algorithms
Parallel Applications
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Post Moore’s Law Computing
Scientific Software Development
TimeThursday, June 20th9am - 1pm CEST
LocationAlabaster 2
Description"The first International Workshop on Legacy Software REFACtoring for Performance" is the first event of its kind that is dedicated to the much needed shift in focus from hardware to software to achieve performance gains. Unfortunately, we are no longer seeing the consistent technology scaling that Moore observed. Instead, the technology scaling has significantly slowed down, and is expected to continue only for a few more years. The workshop focuses on maintainable and architecture-oblivious software optimizations. With this, we mean optimizations that are transferable across computer systems and architectures, and that remain portable and pose little to none maintenance costs; hence, we focus our discussions and studies less on code migrations and porting efforts, since those topics are already very well covered by other forums.