(PP04): The HPC PowerStack: A Community-Driven Collaboration Towards an Energy Efficient Software Stack
Event Type
Project Poster
Energy Consumption
Exascale Systems
Performance Analysis and Optimization
System Software & Runtime Systems
TimeTuesday, June 18th3:15pm - 3:45pm CEST
LocationBooth N-230
DescriptionWhile there exist several standalone efforts that attempt to tackle exascale power and energy challenges, the majority of the implemented techniques have been designed to meet site-specific needs. There is no consensus among the stakeholders in academia, research and industry on which software components of modern HPC stack should be deployed and how they should interoperate. Coordination among these components is critical towards maximizing a target metric (such as FLOPS per watt) while meeting operating constraints (such as energy).

This realization led to the formation of the PowerStack Community in 2016 ( Its charter is to identify what power optimization software actors are needed, how they interoperate to streamline the optimization goals, and how to glue together existing open source production software for a cost-effective yet cohesive, cross-platform implementation of the software stack.

This poster solicits participation from members of academia, research, and industry, and invites the community to contribute towards this initiative of fine-tuning the current HPC stack to enable system-wide power optimization. The vision of this poster is to provide an overview of the PowerStack initiative, give a glimpse of some initial prototyping results, list multiple collaborators, point to relevant literature published within the community, and highlight various working groups that the reader can contribute to based on their background and expertise.
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