(PP05): Performance Conscious HPC (PeCoH) - 2019
Event Type
Project Poster
Education and Training
HPC workflows
Parallel Applications
Performance Analysis and Optimization
Scientific Software Development
TimeWednesday, June 19th3:15pm - 4pm CEST
LocationBooth N-230
DescriptionIn PeCoH, we establish the Hamburg HPC Competence Center (HHCC) as a virtual institution, which coordinates and fosters joint performance engineering activities between the local compute centers DKRZ, RRZ and TUHH RZ. Together, we will implement user services to support performance engineering on a basic level and provide a basis for co-development, user education and dissemination of performance engineering concepts. In this poster we focus on performance awareness, software engineering for HPC, and the development of our HPC certification program. Project outputs and ongoing activities are presented.
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