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(PP16): The Movement Toward HPC Inclusivity: Achieving On-Demand Accessibility of High Performance Computing (HPC) in Ephemeral Projects Utilising the Alces Gridware Project
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Project Poster
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Parallel Applications
TimeWednesday, June 19th3:15pm - 4pm
LocationBooth N-230
DescriptionWith the introduction of public cloud as a viable tool for High Performance Computing (HPC) in 2016 it was first believed that a battle between on-premises and cloud HPC systems would commence, with people eventually choosing the side that would win the day. Over the intervening years a more nuanced adoption of cloud HPC has developed with no clear winner of this purported battle yet in sight. To take on an understanding of how public cloud would impact HPC in June of 2016 the Alces team, through our work with the open-sourced Alces Gridware Project, launched Alces Flight Compute, a fully-featured, scalable HPC environment for research and scientific computing. A free version was distributed for cloud and later hybrid use to understand how an individual researcher would approach and consume on-demand HPC resource regardless of platform. Through our work with five public projects we were able to develop a sliding-scale of cloud adoption, with results showing that regardless of the level of public cloud HPC adopted having public cloud as part of the HPC solution opens up greater capability to be more inclusive in design.