(PP16): The Movement Toward HPC Inclusivity: Achieving On-Demand Accessibility of High Performance Computing (HPC) in Ephemeral Projects
Event Type
Project Poster
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Parallel Applications
TimeTuesday, June 18th3:15pm - 3:45pm CEST
LocationBooth N-230
DescriptionIn June of 2016 the Alces Flight team, through our open-source work on the Gridware application delivery project, made the decision to explore on-demand public cloud consumption for High Performance Computing (HPC). We created Alces Flight Compute, a fully-featured, scalable HPC environment for research and scientific computing and provided it as a free subscription service to researchers in order to study how they would approach and consume this then new technology. Over the past three years we have worked with a range of HPC projects that employed differing levels of public-cloud adoption. The outcomes of each have demonstrated that regardless of the relative percentage of work completed on a public cloud, its usage has broadened the capabilities of researchers and enabled researchers to plan future activities with a broader scope with more inclusive design methodologies. Along the way we have gathered information on the strengths of public cloud for HPC, developed tools to help determine how public cloud could be suitable for current and future projects and workloads, and gathered insight into how investment into HPC solutions can operate when public cloud is an option for use. This project is now transitioning away from single-user, on-demand public cloud into open-source building blocks for HPC under the name OpenFlightHPC, launching in November, 2019.
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