(RP02) DEEP: Hybrid Approach for Deep Learning
Event Type
Research Poster
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Heterogeneous Systems
Scientific Software Development
TimeTuesday, June 18th8:30am - 10am CEST
LocationSubstanz 1, 2
DescriptionThe DEEP-HybridDataCloud project researches on intensive computing techniques such as deep learning, that require specialized GPU hardware to explore very large datasets, through a hybrid-cloud approach that enables the access to such resources. DEEP is built on User-centric policy, i.e. we understand the needs of our user communities and help them to combine their services in a way that encapsulates technical details the end user does not have to deal with. DEEP takes care to support users of different levels of experience by providing different integration paths. We show our current solutions to the problem, which among others include the Open Catalog for deep learning applications, DEEP-as-a-Service API for providing web access to machine learning models, CI/CD pipeline for user applications, Testbed resources. We also present our use-cases tackling various problems by means of deep learning and serving to demonstrate usefulness and scalability of our approach.
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