HPC and Medical Treatment: a View from the Front Lines
Event Type
Focus Session
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Brain Simulations
Clouds and Distributed Computing
HPC workflows
Personalized Medicine
TimeWednesday, June 19th11:30am - 12pm CEST
LocationPanorama 2
DescriptionThis talk will describe how HPC is changing medical service delivery and biomedical research today with a view from the front lines: the view from the patient, the practitioner, and the researcher. Cancer treatment is changing so rapidly that treatments available to a patient with a particular cancer are changing - and improving quality of life and health outcomes - during the time a person is being treated. (The presenter is one example - he is being treated successfully for cancer with a personalized medicine approach, using monoclonal antibodies that were not available for treatment on the day he was diagnosed with cancer).

This discussion will start with an analysis of HPC in practical use guiding treatment for cancer. I will focus particularly on how HPC is being used in the newest developments in cancer research across the US - as the nature of cancer research and treatment change. One particular example that will be discussed is HPC in developing treatment for triple-negative breast cancer. The role of HPC in Alzheimer's research, and understanding basic brain function will be discussed.

This discussion will describe a mix of advances in software and software systems, personalized medicine, and strategies for rising use of HPC and cloud architectures.