Introducing Container Technology to TSUBAME3.0 Supercomputer
Event Type
Focus Session
Containerized HPC
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
System Software & Runtime Systems
TimeMonday, June 17th4:30pm - 5pm CEST
LocationPanorama 3
DescriptionWe report usage of container technology in TSUBAME3.0, production supercomputer located at Tokyo Institute of Technology, from both operator and user views.
When we introduce software into a running production system, we have to be extremely careful with privileged operations to prevent the invasion to other users secret data.
Also, when we run parallel applications in the container environment with native protocols of InfiniBand or OmniPath, we need to prepare appropriate system software to both outside and inside of the container.
Considering those performance and security concerns, we finally decided to introduce Docker and Singularity to TSUBAME3.0 with certain restrictions.
We also give a case study report from Singularity user in TSUBAME3.0.