Big Hair, Big Data And Beyond - A Career Perspective In Enterprise Computing
Event Type
Student Program
Big Data Analytics
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Graph Algorithms
Student Program
TimeWednesday, June 19th7pm - 7:20pm CEST
DescriptionAs part of STEM day, Mr. Kolster shares stories and insights into his computer career in industry and the advent of HPC integration in commercial environments. A 30 year long career in various industries including oil and gas, energy and e-commerce provides a unique perspective on how HPC is impacting industry, now and in the future. This discussion will provide insights for developing a career path to take advantage of the multi-faceted growth of HPC in the enterprise. It will also showcase the rapid technological changes that have happened and the impact to industry, business and the general public.

For the attendees that are just embarking on their careers, this will be a good introduction to the career possibilities that exist.

There will be also be many anecdotes, personal experiences and hopefully a few laughs.
Principal & Co-Founder