Focus Session
Performance Portability Using the Kokkos Ecosystem
Event Type
Focus Session
Graph Algorithms
HPC Accelerators
Heterogeneous Systems
Math Library Design
Parallel Algorithms
TimeWednesday, June 19th9:14am - 9:36am
LocationPanorama 2
DescriptionThe challenges of developing software for architectures that are currently being designed and yet to be conceived is an important one in this era of supercomputing. The complexity of this problem increases with additional constraints to write portable code so applications don't need to be rewritten for different hardware and to achieve good performance on all current and future hardware. We focus on a library based design using a performance-portable library Kokkos. Kokkos provides abstract programming model that shields applications from architecture changes. Kokkos Kernels provide sparse/dense linear algebra and graph kernels that are commonly needed by many applications. We will describe some of the key kernels and how they achieve performance portability. We will also show the use of these kernels within Trilinos linear solvers to achieve good performance on different architectures.