Fraunhofer-Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI): Supporting European Experts in International Standardisation of Cloud, IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, 5G and AI
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Big Data Analytics
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Cyber Security
TimeMonday, June 17th5:40pm - 6pm CEST
LocationBooth N-210
DescriptionThe talk presents the European project which aims at leveraging European contributions to standardisation in the five priority domains Cloud, IoT, Big Data, 5G, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. We’ll present the funding approach of with a focus on the funded activities in the field of cybersecurity, the results achieved until now, the funding opportunities until the end of the project and future perspectives. Additionally, we will also present Standards Watch, a sustainable observatory for standards, standards developments and related information maintained by
The third focus of the presentation is on our study of the current AI standardisation landscape.