Automation N.V: Design and Operation of a 3 MW Data Center Based on Modular Containers
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
Containerized HPC
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
TimeMonday, June 17th4:40pm - 5pm CEST
LocationBooth N-210
DescriptionCERN, in cooperation with LHCb, is currently building a new 3MW data center. The purpose of this data center is the consolidation and filtering, in real time, of a 5 TB/s data stream coming from a High Energy Physics experiment. The data center is divided into 2 logical units. Unit 1, consisting of two 18m container modules, receives the data stream on approximately 17000 optical links and assembles and distributes data sets to the filter processing unit. Unit 2 consists of four 18m container modules housing the bulk of the computation power which is used to reduce the immense data volume to more manageable quantities.
The data center modules themselves are cooled via indirect fresh air cooling with an additional adiabatic cooling stage during warm periods. Rack power density is 22 kw per rack. At the time of this presentation we will have been operating the first stage of this data center for nearly 6 months and will present first results and lessons learned from its construction and operation.
Applied Physicist - Data Acquisition Engineer