Lenovo: Lenovo AI for Good
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
TimeTuesday, June 18th3:40pm - 4pm CEST
LocationBooth N-210
DescriptionData are not good data just because of their size, so big data per se are not a value. The added value is actually present and perceivable only if simple, comprehensible and possibly new and actionable information can be extracted from the big mass of data with a reasonable effort.

The massive speed of data growth and variety, are challenging human cognitive capacity. Educated guessing as the process of inference when information is not at hand was quite the norm in the past; today the bottleneck of human ability to process information can be bypassed if data are correctly integrated to produce new actionable knowledge, thus augmenting human cognitive capacity.

AI and machine learning represent a fundamental shift in how data is interpreted. The more data you feed AI models, the more intelligent they become.

By connecting commercial partners with our in-house AI experts and expertise at leading Universities and providing state of art hardware infrastructure, Lenovo is helping solve the toughest challenges facing humanity
EMEA AI Solution Architect