Rescale: Incremental or Transformational HPC Cloud Strategies - A Comparison of Scheduler-Based and Platform-Based approaches
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
Clouds and Distributed Computing
Computer Architecture
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
HPC workflows
TimeWednesday, June 19th12:40pm - 1pm CEST
LocationBooth N-210
DescriptionCloud is becoming a reality in HPC and there are two distinct routes organizations are taking to adopt this revolutionary technology:

- In one approach, job schedulers are modified such that jobs can be diverted to cloud infrastructure when given criteria are met.

- In another popular approach, a native HPC cloud platform offers a fully managed multi-cloud environment in a single pane of glass.

Where scheduler-based approaches are incremental in form and impact, platform approaches are transformational as they are fundamentally designed for HPC in the cloud as a compute destination.

This talk will reflect on platform vs. scheduler approaches to HPC in the cloud and will compare the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. Key decision topics such as migration, multi-cloud support, performance, access to applications, licensing, hardware diversity, administration and architecture recommendation are discussed in detail
VP & GM of HPC