One Stop Systems: How OSS is Leading the Movement for AI on the Fly™
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Computer Architecture
Exascale Systems
HPC Accelerators
Storage Technologies
TimeWednesday, June 19th1:40pm - 2pm CEST
LocationBooth N-210
DescriptionAI on the Fly™ is the next killer application for High Performance Computing technology. OSS is a custom manufacturer of specialized high performance computing systems for industries that are showing the largest proliferation of use cases for "AI on the Fly." These industries include deep learning, transportation, security, manufacturing, retail, and media & entertainment.

These edge applications have unique requirements over traditional embedded computing. There is no compromise possible in delivering high performance while maintaining efficient space, weight and power. Delivering the high performance required in edge applications necessitates PCIe interconnectivity providing the fast data highway between high speed processors, NVMe storage and compute accelerators using GPUs or application specific FPGAs. ‘AI on the Fly’ high performance applications will naturally demand this capability on the edge. Additionally, these solutions often require unique space and power saving form factors and specialized rugged enclosures.Why is deep learning training only done in the datacenter and inferencing only done in the field when high performance computers that can be deployed in the field exist today?

To identify hostile threats from planes or on the battlefield, predicting maintenance requirements at the oil field or piloting autonomous vehicles that learn on-the-fly instead of in a datacenter, these applications require local high performance processing. The need to acquire vast quantities of data at ever faster rates and then apply sophisticated analysis algorithms in real time requires all the traditional capabilities of High Performance Computing but now deployed at the edge and in mobile platforms.
Vice President of Sales and Marketing