Personalised Medicine and the HPC Industry
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Birds of a Feather
Exascale Systems
HPC workflows
Personalized Medicine
TimeWednesday, June 19th2:45pm - 3:45pm CEST
DescriptionHow to bring HPC to medical SMEs, clinical researchers and hospitals? As we are nearing the exascale era, too few benefits from such computational power, and even fewer achieve excellence in HPC application delivery and use. By bringing together the biomedicine community and the HPC industry, we hope to help the community better embrace upcoming technologies, and help the industry better understand the needs: fault tolerance, data and compute resources, access mechanism (such as urgent computing, on-demand computing, advanced reservation…), computing power, code efficiency. Which feature is critical for biomedicine? Is Industry aware of it, and what answers are planned in the future? Overall, how to bring these improvements to the people who diagnose, to the drug discoverer, or even to your doctor? As a Centre of Excellence working towards the advancement of computationally based modelling and simulation within biomedicine using large-scale and cloud computing resources, CompBioMed is a significant contributor to this debate, with experience to share, especially through its three exemplar research areas: cardiovascular, molecularly-based and neuro-musculoskeletal medicine. To complete the picture, we hope industry stakeholders will share their vision of a complex area involving so many different areas of expertise. To feed the debate, all interested parties are welcome to attend and help paving the way to excellence.
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