XALT and Related Technologies: Job-Level Usage Data on Today's Supercomputers
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Birds of a Feather
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
TimeWednesday, June 19th1:45pm - 2:45pm CEST
DescriptionWe’re interested in what users are actually doing: everything from which applications, libraries, and individual functions are in demand, to preventing the problems that get in the way of successful computational research. And this year we’re especially interested in some of the next great challenges, including (1) understanding the needs of formerly non-traditional research communities that comprise half the user community and whose non-MPI workflows consume more than a third of the computing cycles; (2) putting usage data in the hands of end users interested in records of their own job-level activity to facilitate, for example, reproducible research. We are now tracking individual Python packages and similar usage within other frameworks like R and MATLAB.

XALT ( is a battle-tested tool focused on job-level usage data; it enjoys a well- documented history of helping administrators, support staff, and decision makers manage and improve their operations. The small but growing list of centers that run XALT includes NCSA, UK NCC, KAUST, NICS, the University of Utah, and TACC. Join us a far-ranging discussion that will begin with an overview of new XALT capabilities before it ventures into broader strategic and technical issues related to job-level activity tracking.
BoF Organizer/Speaker