Data-Centric Computing for the Next Generation
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Birds of a Feather
HPC Centre Planning and Operations
HPC workflows
Programming Models & Languages
Storage Technologies
System Software & Runtime Systems
TimeWednesday, June 19th9:30am - 10:30am CEST
DescriptionThe efficient, convenient, and robust execution of data-driven workflows and enhanced data management are key for productivity in scientific computing and computer-aided RD&E. Big data tools integrate compute and storage capabilities into a holistic solution demonstrating the benefit of tight integrating while the HPC community still optimizes the compute and storage components independently from each other, and, moreover, independently from the needs of end-to-end user workflows that ultimately lead to insight. Even within a single data center, utilizing homogeneous storage and compute infrastructure efficiently is complex for experts. The efficient management of data and compute capabilities in a heterogeneous environment, however, is an unresolved question as the execution of individual tasks from workflows may benefit from alternative hardware architectures and infrastructures.

In this BoF, we bring the community together to discuss visions for a data-centric compute environment of the future that gives the fastest time to insight by applying concepts like smart scheduling and compiler technology which, e.g., minimize data movement for the entire workflow and exploit capabilities of heterogeneous environments that stretch beyond a single data center. As this has implications on data-center planning, hardware/software infrastructure starting from a higher-level workflow formulation to smarter hardware and software layers, it affects the wider HPC community.
We gathered a range of stakeholders from industry and academia interested in this approach with the ultimate goal is to establish a forum that addresses the need for Next Generation Interfaces that defines and realizes the vision that will impact the next generations of scientists.
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