Omni-Path User Group (OPUG) Meeting
Event Type
Birds of a Feather
Exascale Systems
TimeWednesday, June 19th3:45pm - 4:45pm CEST
DescriptionFollowing on from a successful BoF at ISC18, the proposed event will continue to provide a forum for users and other interested parties to exchange their experience and insights using Intel's Omni-Path Architecture (OPA) communication fabric. Indeed, OPA is now used as production fabric in a growing number of Tier-0 HPC sites (Marconi, MareNostrum, to name a few). However, Omni-Path remains a relatively "young" fabric and thus sharing performance results, issues and/or recommended future OPA developments is valuable to the growing community of OPA adopters. This Bof will contain an introduction, Intel OPA update, short panel presentations/user cases from experienced OPA users and group discussion. We plan to explore themes related to uses of OPA on containerised systems, performance improvements and comparison with more established fabrics.
BoF Organizer/Speakers
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Physics and Astrochemistry
HPC system management team leader
Architect, Intel(r) Omni-Path Architecture
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering