BeeGFS – Architecture, Innovative Implementations and Development Plans
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Big Data Analytics
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File Systems
Parallel Applications
TimeMonday, June 17th5pm - 6pm CEST
DescriptionThe open-source parallel file-system BeeGFS is one of the fastest growing middleware products for HPC and other performance-related environments. Originating as FhGFS in 2005 by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics, BeeGFS (now delivered by ThinkParQ GmbH) has continued to grow and gain significant popularity in the community and has evolved into a world-wide valued filesystem offering maximum scalability, high flexibility, and robustness.

Following the success of the BeeGFS BoF at ISC 2018 which attracted around 100 attendees, this BoF will be split into three sections and the key objective is to bring developers, administrators, solution providers, and end-users together to connect, interact, discuss development plans, and share their user experiences with the product.

The BoF will begin with an overview of the latest version of the product by the architecture and development team, followed by a customer who will share experiences with an innovative implementation along with the challenges they had and have overcome since deploying BeeGFS. The architecture and development team will continue and provide an overview of the development plans of the product, where the attendees will be encouraged to interact with the speakers and provide their feedback and opinions on the product direction. All three sections of the BoF will be followed by an open Q&A with the audience.

To further prioritize what the BeeGFS users really want in the product development, there will be a quick survey at the end of the session.
BoF Organizer/Speakers
EOFS President
Chief Architect and Head of Development at ThinkParQ